We are blessed to partner with some amazing mission groups who are meeting needs and reaching people with the Gospel all around the world.  Meet some of our missions partners:

Hope International Ministries

Hope International Ministries

Hope International was born in 2001 with a mission of answering the cries of those around the world who are hurting from sickness and disease, who are struggling to find hope, and who are in desperate need of help.  In over 10 years, Pastor Kurt and Debi Holthus have led teams around the world in fulfilling this mission by providing medical assistance and the life-changing message of salvation through Christ.
Currently, Hope focuses its efforts in the Dominican Republic.  After 10 years of ministry there, God has given Hope uncommon favor with the people and the government of this needy nation.  Hope’s annual mission trip brings a team of over 150 surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, ministry and prayer workers, and construction crews for 10 intensive days of ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of the Dominican people.
Enjoy a few of our videos from this  past Trip to the Dominican Republic!!
Randy & Renee Carlson

Randy & Renee Carlson

Randy and Renee Carlson have been missionaries for 30 years in Asia Pacific. They first went to Palau, a pioneer field, where no AG missionaries had ever gone. Many miracles took place there.  After three years there they were asked to go to Fiji, where Randy grew up as a missionary boy. While there they built 45 buildings, a Retreat Center for Fiji. Much of that time was spent traveling to the villages. Renee was very involved in Children’s ministry and music ministry for the country.

KINGDOM OF TONGA – In 2000 the Carlson’s were asked to go to Tonga.  They pastor International Christian Assembly of God or ICA in Tonga.  This year, the church has been blessed with a brand new building and the church continues to grow.  Many have been saved, healed, and 42 have been filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the last few months. They have a weekly television show called “ICA Today.”  They have had lots of response. It is a testimony to the way that God has miraculously opened countless doors for their ministry, even with government officials.

The Carlson’s and ICA have built three new churches this term, as well a a huge hall with a seating of 3,000 for the Assemblies of God that is used for General Councils and special meetings.

This term 17 new buildings have been built at the AG Bible School.  Randy and Renee are both professors at the college. Renee has been involved in Children’s ministry and music as well in the country.  The schools have been wide open for ministry and they were involved there as well.

ICA’s boat ministry has been enormously helpful.  Randy has built five boats to start churches in the remote islands of Tonga. Tonga has 172 islands spread out over 500 miles. Bible School graduates plant the churches.
God began to speak to Randy and Renee about transitioning back to America to plat a brand new church in SW Florida. As they continued to pray, God clearly spoke to them to leave the islands after 32 years and go to palace where there was a great need. God opened up another Island actually where there has never been an Assembly of God Work in Florida.
God ha miraculously provided a piece of Land with a small church already on it. Only 5% of the population has ever even attended a church-the Need is Great.
They are excited to start and cannot wait to see what God is going to do. They are trusting him completely for all their finances. Nothing is impossible with God
We Do Support on a Monthly Basis a Missionary in Jordan reaching out to Muslims.  But for Her Security we will not post a name or Picture, but we are rejoicing in the Impact she is having and the Lives Being Saved for Christ.
Jpeg. Rick and Jennifer
Pastor Rick & Jennifer serve as the Senior Pastors of ICF. Rick is originally from Ohio (a Buckeye fan) and Jennifer is Texan! Their  love for Jesus,  passion for people and their heart for the community of Rome is a driving force in all they do.  Pastor Rick has his degree from Southwestern University in Church Ministries and has served as a coach and mentor to leaders around the world and has ministered in over 50 nations..  Jennifer holds her credentials in Human Studies and Counseling and  is the founder and director of a mentoring ministry to young women called Braveheart Girls. Jennifer is the author of the book, “Memories & Milestones and has a number of published works.   Rick’s straight forward style and relevant applications of the Word, provides a great way for seeing lives changed and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Their favorite Bible verse has been Mark 9:23, “What do you mean, Jesus asked, all things are possible if a person believes.”  Their phrase, “God’s Got This” has been used to inspire thousands.

 Bridge Networks; Pastors Art and Shari Ledlie


Art & Shari


Bridge Networks Vision and Mission

: Leaders connecting with leaders to change their world for Christ. At Bridge Networks; we help you to get from where you are to where you want and God wants you to be.(Job 11:16: :”Your troubles will go away like water beneath a bridge”

At the Bridge Networks, we help you in 4 ways:  


your life, marriage**Get prayer, rest, counsel on family,love, stability and strength and connection in our main location or location of your choice

(Phil. 4:13; Eph. 3:20)


your organization**Get prophetic and marketplace counsel for home, vision, ministry to your city & world (Ex. 9:13; Ps. 81:10; Ps. 118:19).


your vision**Get sources for training,leadership, money,buildings, equipment,staff (Hab. 2:2,3; Ps. 37:23).


your world in greater and more effective ways**Get focused on proven, effective, additional, new and technologically evolving tools to reach your world for Christ (Matt. 22:35-40; Matt. 9:35-38; Matt. 28:18-20)
When you partner with the Bridge Networks in prayer and financial support you are helping to provide:
to a network of coaches, mentors, prophets and virtual resources available for your specific needs.
on how you can receive personal restoration, organizational revitalization, raise and acquire resources and increase your local and global reach according to your specific needs.
Training and media
on site for personal and corporate 501c3 and LLC filing, budgeting, investing, branding, photography, video/audio recording and social media.
for leaders, pastors, missionaries, marketplace entrepreneurs praying, resting, planning, raising support.