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Grades 6-12

Who are We?

We will not settle for ‘average’ – We were created by an awesome God, as spirit beings with infinite potential – and we will not stop until we fulfill it.  When the world looks at us, it should see more and better – because of who God is in us.

We will not be silent – We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!  It is because of Him that we live, laugh, love, and experience every amazing and abundant thing in this world.  We will never be ashamed of sharing HOPE and LIFE – with our friends, family, and a world who is hurting and needs to know God.

We will not shrink back – Sometimes life can be hard, and difficult things will come our way.  But we will NOT let the world or the enemy define us, or take us out.  We will fight.  We WILL overcome!

We are relentlessly pursuing an intimate relationship with God – to hear His voice above the noise of the crowd, our friends, the movies, the media, or the music of the world.  We are His sons and daughters, loved tenderly.  He speaks, we hear.  Where He calls us, we will go.

We are relentlessly pursuing our purpose – God has gifted each one of us uniquely, and we are determined to fulfill His purpose for us.  We give back to God what He has given to us, and we know that this is wehre we find true joy and peace.

We are passionately pursuing the One True God, who loved us enough to send His Son to die so that we could truly live.  And He is passionately pursuing us


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