Our Vision at Destiny Worship Center is to be…

  • A church that lives in Peace, Power, Purpose, and Prosperity, serving as an example to the world of the Biblical principles of living the empowered life.
  • A church that creatively empowers our members to reach into the community, stretch across the nation, and impact the world to build the Kingdom of God.
  • A church for all Nations, sharing the Gospel in a way that is relevant across all races, ages, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • A church that sends out our members by the thousands, facilitating mission projects across the nation and around the world, and training members to be ‘marketplace missionaries’ in their world.
  • A ‘Destiny Development Center’ for each individual, family, group and organization within the church, fulfilling the mandate of Christ for excellence in preaching, teaching, equipping, and sending.
  • An effective soul-winning, discipling, and Kingdom-building organization, recognized for the consistently manifested demonstration of Peace, Power, Purpose, and Prosperity in the lives of the members.